For over 35 years, ST Corporation Guam has been a major distributor of wine, beer, and spirits in the Western Pacific region. Our distributor agreements include major wine and spirits companies throughout the globe including Diageo, Jose Cuervo, Asahi Breweries, Constellation Brands, Möet Hennessy, Ste. Michelle Wine Estates and many more.

Within the last decade, ST Corporation has expanded to include exclusive wholesale distribution of consumer goods with major brands such as Energizer, AlEn USA cleaning supplies, Hawaiian Tropics, and more. In recent years, ST Corporation has branched out further, to include exclusive distribution of non-alcoholic beverages and food items like Tea Time Iced Teas, Kara-Coconut Products, & other brands.


ST Corporation Guam is divided into three divisions:

  • ST Corp Wine, Spirits, & Beer Division
  • ST Corp Consumer Goods Division
  • ST Corp Soft Beverages & Snacks Division


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  • @ToastGuam (Wine, Beer, & Spirits Division)
  • @STCorpHouseholdGoods (Consumer Goods Division)
  • @GUdSnaxNBeverages (Soft Beverages & Snacks Division)